Essential Disposal has been supplying bin rentals in Vaughan for many years. Many of our clients are businesses that are expanding and moving to a new location.  Our furniture disposal services are just the thing for those office items that are too damaged or old to donate or sell.

Contemporary office furniture is usually portable. However, some of the dated items like filing cabinets, bookcases and tool chests might require our bin rental services.

Some businesses will want to take their more modern furniture like office cubicles with them. Here’s a few suggestions for taking these down so they can be transported easily.

  • Moving from one office to another means disrupting your employees’ work environment. The first step is to inform them about the move so they can adapt to new work schedules. They might need temporary office space until your new location is complete.
  • Your new office location will vary from the one you’re in now. That’s why you’ll need to take accurate measurements before you start taking cubicles apart. It’s a good idea to make a plan for the new office space based on the measurements you take.
  • Take a look at how the cubicles are constructed. Do they use screws, levers, springs and rods? Are the storage shelves attached? Is the desk? After you’ve taken the shelves and desk apart, you’ll need to take the middle panels down by disconnecting them from the connector rail.

You might decide at this point to get rid of the older cubicles before you move to your new space. That’s where one of our bin rentals in Vaughan comes in handy. You can usually have one of these dumpsters delivered in 1 to 2 days. In some situations, we can deliver on the same day if you order early enough in the morning.

Moving The Cubicles

Back to moving those cubicles. Some panels might be bolted right to the floor of the connector rail. If that’s the case, you’ll need a wrench. Maybe there isn’t a bolt. If so, you can usually pry the panel apart with a screwdriver.

If it won’t move, try tapping it with a rubber hammer until it comes loose.

Remember the bin rentals in Vaughan we have are good for a lot more than discarded office furniture. They are great for any building or renovation materials and/or demolition and construction debris.