Decluttering with one of our bin rentals in Mississauga is essential whether your clients are a house or business. Helping them along with this process is easier when you can refer them to these tips.

  • Whether they are selling a commercial or residential property, you should instruct them to start with a smaller space. Something like an office or kitchen drawer is a good starting point to build their motivation.
  • Tell them to make sure that they only keep what’s essential. Documents and supplies tend to build up over time. That includes all office furniture like chairs and desks that haven’t been used in a while.
  • Designating one specific place for the clutter to go is important. In a home, that can be a closet shelf. For a business, a spare storeroom can be a temporary solution.

Keeping a home or office decluttered is easier when you establish what’s called the one in one out rule. Tell people who are interested in selling they shouldn’t buy anything new until they’ve designated something to get rid of.

The bin rentals in Mississauga we offer also include picking up and delivering the dumpsters. Essential Disposal is proud of the fact that we offer the most competitive pricing. Our customer service is industry-leading and our business has been built on referrals and repeat customers.

For Real Estate Agents

We can make the decluttering process fast and easy for real estate agents and their clients in Mississauga.

Here are a few more tips that you can pass along so the process goes smoothly.

  • If a client can’t properly organize a space in their office or home, there’s more than likely too much stuff in it. A good way to start decluttering and organizing office space is with acrylic bins and or clear totes.
  • Working on one area at a time helps. Working through each room and concentrating on that space only will get the best results.

Some of your clients may want to get rid of furniture as part of the decluttering process. The Bin Rentals in Mississauga services we provide look after that. Check our website and you will see a list of the furniture that can be disposed of. That includes tables, tool chests, filing cabinets, office cubicles, desks couches, mattresses, and sofas to name just a few items.