You can get a Brampton waste bin rental by clicking the Instant Quote button on our website. These are great for all of your demolition / construction debris needs even in the colder weather.

We know that construction doesn’t stop when Old Man Winter comes knocking. Businesses want to make sure to keep their workers safe and warm. Here are a few tips for the colder weather that keeps production moving.

Clear The Site Before Work Begins

The first step is to clear all the snow and deice the working environment. It’s also important to have salt or sand available on the job to make sure you can de-ice throughout the shift. Take a few minutes to make sure the deicing agent you are using is environmentally friendly.

All the hazards that can be hidden by a new snowfall should be well marked. These include slippery surfaces, excavations and holes as well as a variety of others.

Warm the Equipment and Tools

Heavy equipment needs to be warmed up properly before it is used in the cold weather. Construction companies should refer to manufacturer’s instructions. Hoses and wires can become brittle when the temperature falls. Warming them up before use is a proactive way to avoid any damage.

Here’s another excellent way to keep things safe.

A Brampton Waste Bin Rental Can Help Make a Difference

One of our bins can make a difference by keeping debris away from work areas during the colder months. They come in a variety of sizes from 6 yards all the way up to a 40 yard dumpster. One is sure to be just right for your winter construction needs.

Some of the other tips for winter construction safety involve some suggestions for your employees.

Wear The Right Clothing

Employees need to be able to move and have a good range of flexibility to do their jobs. Layering is the best way to stay warm. Moisture wicking thermals make for an excellent inner layer. Waterproof outer garments keep moisture from soaking in.

Scheduling the more labour intensive work during the daylight hours is also a good idea. That is generally the warmest part of the day. Decide on a dedicated location for your Brampton waste bin rental. Finally, adopting a buddy system can make sure your employees stay safe during cold snaps.