Safety is job one if you are going to reshingle your roof and that includes getting the right disposal bin rental in Brampton. Having a safe area to work in means disposing of the old shingles properly. Whether you’re going to replace the whole thing or just do some repairs, here are a few tips to make the job go smoothly.

Make Sure The Gutters Are Clear

Water can build up on your roof during a rainstorm when the gutters aren’t clean. It can even pond during a particularly severe storm.  Cleaning them out can prevent a build up that can make it dangerous for you to try and get up on the roof to re-shingle it.

Here’s another tip that you won’t want to overlook. The right kind of shoes makes all the difference where safety is concerned. Don’t go up on your roof in anything but rubber soles. These give you good traction so you can make any repairs or even reshingle the entire space.

Check Out The Valleys

The valley is the point where the two slopes of your roof come together. It’s also one of the first places you should check to look for curled shingles and other damage. If you need to start re shingling here, make sure to remove both layers. If you leave one and put the new shingles on top, you might leave cracked ones underneath that will leak.

Don’t Forget The Flashing

Doing the proper job on any kind of roof re shingling means looking at all the details. Sometimes you may not need to take all the shingles down but just repair the flashing. This is located around skylights and chimneys. Damaged or loose flashing can cause leaking.

There are several options here including putting new flashing over the damaged areas. If you’ve got vent flashing that’s severely damaged, it should be completely replaced. For ones on the chimney you might need to look after the mortar joint too.

However you decide to tackle the job, Essential Disposal Services can help by supplying a disposal bin rental in Brampton. All the bins that we have come equipped with rollers so they can be moved easily. Our products have some other advantages like double doors at the very back. This makes it easy to load any old shingles and/or flashing that you want to dispose of.