All you need to do to get a Mississauga dumpster bin for your renovation is click the convenient tab on our website. You’ll get a quick quote for any project you’re working on around the house.

Judging by recent statistics, people are renovating during the pandemic. In fact, a quick survey tells us that searches on the Internet for renovation ideas have gone up 84% this year alone. That number makes it clear that more people are renovating during COVID 19.

If you’re thinking about taking on a project yourself, here are some of the most searched ideas.


Bathrooms are always a popular renovation . However, a quick look at the searches from the start of the pandemic reveals how popular this is as a DYI project. Looking for a few ideas to make the job even more exciting and attractive?

Consider choosing a brand-new vanity. If you stick to the basics when it comes to design and finish, you’ll get good resale value. Designers are saying that wall-mounted units give you extra floor space.

Upgrading your sink is no trouble when you order a Mississauga dumpster bin from us. Our convenient ordering process makes it easy for you to get rid of a single sink when you’re looking at putting a double one in.


Renovating your back yard was another popular option. That’s not really surprising when you consider how many people are staying home during the pandemic. If you’re looking to change up that space, you can save a little money by considering items like fences. It’s a good idea to think outside the box here and consider a horizontal design. You can even add multiple colors and LED lighting so you can enjoy the space at night.

Home Office

This is a big DYI renovation since more and more people are working remotely. If you need a lot of space to do your work from home, consider an L-shaped desk. People working in a nook or other small space should consider putting shelves straight across to make everything look bigger. Don’t forget to take advantage of white walls and natural light.

A little decluttering might be in order before you take on any of these renovations. We have several different sized Mississauga dumpster bin choices. Finding the one that’s right for you is as simple as getting in touch with us today.