Essential Disposal offers dumpster bin in Mississauga choices for a variety of renovation  and construction projects. However, we are getting more and more calls from people looking to use these bins for a variety of different scenarios.

Some of our callers are looking to have an estate sale. These people understand the need to clean a dwelling out in a professional and efficient manner first. Here’s a few tips for doing just that.

How to Start 

The best way to start is with a tour of the house. That’ll give you a good impression of what you are dealing with. It’s the best way to get a solid idea of what needs to be donated or sold, dumped out or kept.

The best place to start is with the refrigerator. Throw away anything that’s already expired and put the rest in a cooler to keep or donate.

Paying attention to small details is important at this early stage. If you’re going through a house where someone has lived for years, the chances are they’ve stashed items or even left the valuables in desk drawers or pockets. Don’t forget to look on high shelves and in dresser drawers.

The dumpster bin in Mississauga rentals we have for this type of project come in a variety of sizes. If the house is small or if it’s an apartment, you might want to ask about our 6-yard dumpster.

Look for Financial Papers 

We might have been getting a little ahead of ourselves by mentioning the dumpster bins we have in our inventory. Before you start moving out any big pieces that can go in one of these, you should look for financial documents.

Trusts and wills need to be set aside. Tax returns and tax receipts might be necessary and you should also look for any bank statements and other documents like real estate deeds.

You Might Need an Appraisal 

If the estate has antiques and a good amount of jewelry or furniture, you might need an appraisal to determine its worth.

When you’ve finally gotten around to deciding what will be thrown out, give us a call. We recommend that you order a dumpster bin in Mississauga big enough to fit everything in without over filling the unit. If you’re not sure of the size, simply click this link for sizes and rates.