Essential Disposal is an accredited Better Business Bureau company supplying disposal bin rental in Mississauga choices to our valued customers. We also recycle and do our part to help the environment. That’s why we’ve put together some waste audit tips that you can use to streamline your environmental impact.

A good waste audit will give you all the information you need to make decisions about your company’s recycling and trash disposal practices. These audits do a number of different things including highlighting your businesses’ environmental impact and current processes. You’ll be able to pinpoint opportunities where you can improve and recycle more waste.

The first step is planning your strategy. That usually means calling a meeting where you assign roles to different employees. You need to have the right team members on your green team.

There are a few boxes the team will need to check together including:

  • Identifying how waste is generated at your business and how that relates to management and purchasing practices.
  • Examining the effectiveness of your present waste reduction efforts.
  • Identifying both the materials and departments where your waste reduction efforts can be improved.

The best place to start is by examining your company records. This will give you excellent insights into waste removal and generation trends. Take a look at operating logs as well as maintenance inventory and purchasing records. Don’t forget to go over disposal contracts and waste hauling records including any of the disposal bin rental in Mississauga business you’ve done with our company.

A facility walk-through is the next part of the process. This involves watching different departmental activities and talking with managers and employees about the equipment that produces the waste. You’ll be able to get some specific information including:

  • An overview of the waste producing equipment activities. You’ll also get some data on the number of waste tickets produced by your company.
  • Operations and layouts of various departments is another advantage to these walk-throughs. You’ll also be able to get a good idea of the inefficiencies when it comes to the way waste moves through your systems.

Finally, a waste sort will give you some solid data on the amount of debris your company produces. Improvements in your carbon footprint can include switching to bulk purchases and reusable containers. Our disposal bin rental in Mississauga choices can help you get rid of what’s left over after you’ve improved your product design to use less materials.