Your waste bin rental in Mississauga choices work for construction companies who have decided to deconstruct the building rather than demolish it. In fact, this method allows for the reuse and recovery of different materials. Here are some benefits to using this technique.

  • Some supplies can be given a second life and not sent to landfill. In fact, research says that 75 to 90% of the materials in some businesses and homes can be recycled or repurposed. Some of these include floor joists and plywood as well as plumbing fixtures and HVAC systems.
  • There is a reduction of disposal costs with demolition. You can even avoid the expense of buying certain new materials and there are potential tax savings.
  • From an environmental perspective, deconstruction cuts down on waste while reducing carbon dioxide emissions, conserving space in landfill and saving energy.

Here are some further examples of what can be reused and recycled by using one of our waste bin rental in Mississauga bins. We handle a variety of materials like masonry, concrete and brick as well as wood products and treated wood.

Plumbing products can be reused, recycled and some parts can be disposed of. For example, faucets sinks and tubs are good for reuse. Metal pipe and faucets as well as other plumbing fixtures can be recycled. Toilet seats, however, cannot be accepted at most recycling centres.

Construction companies can use electrical products that are in good working order and recycle some of the metals that include conduit and fixtures. Plastic and ceramic parts need to be disposed of.

Wood Framed

As far as the type of building goes, highly deconstruct able choices include buildings that are wood framed. Heavy beams and timbers are included in this category. The same goes for structures with American Chestnut, Douglas Fir and other unique woods.

The stick-by-stick construction method makes the deconstruction process easier. Old-Growth Southern Yellow Pine and the other kinds of lumber listed here are also highly versatile.

Special Materials

Other buildings that lend themselves to deconstruction are made of special materials with a good resale value. Items to look for here include architectural moldings, hardwood flooring and multiplane windows as well as electrical and plumbing material fixtures.

The waste bin rental in Mississauga choices we offer can haul away items like porcelain, insulation, carpet and plaster. Essential Disposal is an environmental company promoting recycling. Even some of your demolition debris can be transformed into new products through us.