If you have a business or private home that has a lawn or garden, our bin rentals in Caledon are just the thing to get rid of organic waste. Don’t let trimmings from weeds and hedges as well as debris from big landscaping projects pile up.

Let Essential Disposal services take your organic waste to the dumpsite. Keeping the lawn around your business in good shape makes a good first impression to potential customers. Here’s a few commercial lawn mowing tips that work well with rental bins.

  • It might sound a little strange at first, but the first tip is about irrigating less frequently. That means it’s okay to let it grow a little longer until it starts to look green gray. It’s time to add more water to the root system if the grass doesn’t bounce back when you are walking on it.
  • Keeping your lawnmower maintenance up to speed means keeping equipment blades sharp. Sharp blades are better at keeping your lawn looking healthy and keeping pests away. Dull blades actually allow bugs to find hiding spots in your lawn.

Essential Disposal can be an important part of keeping your lawn looking great for your business. Our bin rentals in Caledon come in a variety of prorated packages. Those are for larger projects where there’s a big amount of organic garden and yard waste to get rid of.

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Get a free quote simply by clicking the convenient tab on our website. As far as commercial mowing for your business goes, here’s another tip that can make the job simple and efficient.

Alternating the mowing pattern that you use is about much more than just making your lawn look good. Rotating through your mowing equipment also helps to keep your lawn from looking rotted and compacted at the same time. Mowing your lawn the same direction time after time forces the grass to bend the same way.

Eventually it starts to look like a carpet that’s been worn down. Finally, you should keep the lawn in front of your business looking great by changing the mowing schedule. Routine mowing plays an important part of the health of your grass.

Don’t forget that you can order one of our bin rentals in Caledon for a competitive price. Not only that they come in a variety of different sizes so one is sure to meet your requirements.