Whether you have a business or a residential property, picking the right bin rental in Caledon is part of getting the job done when you need a new roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of the entire structure either way.

When you need to upgrade or repair your existing roof our shingle disposal services will get you a bin rental in Caledon so the job goes along smoothly.

Old Shingles

We make it our responsibility to get rid of your old shingles in an environmentally friendly way. We also understand that taking away your unwanted waste is only part of the reroofing project.

That’s why we’ve got some tips on picking a good roofing contractor.

  • Liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage are two things that every contractor needs to have. The liability insurance will protect your business or home if there’s damage done during the project. Workmen’s Compensation looks after any of the contractor’s employees who get injured while working on the job.
  • Stay away from cash deals. Remember there are no guarantees if you decide to accept one of these to reroof your business or home. Cash cannot be traced. So, if there’s any kind of dispute you have nothing to fall back on.

That’s not the case with our bin rental in Caledon services. We provide all the details on our website so you can make a good decision. For example, if you’re wondering what size bin you should order, we have a size chart right on our website.

Top of the Rim

Remember you should only fill the bin to the top of the rim. That’s because we need to put a tarp over the top so that we can transport it once you’re done.  One of our dumpsters can be delivered in one to two days. You might be able to get it on the same day if you order by 9 AM.

Residence or Business

Here’s a few more tips on how to pick a good contractor. When it comes to a roof on either your residence or business, price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. A professional roofer needs to have features like proper insurance. It’s important to take your time to get this big-ticket renovation right. Doing a bit of research on your own can also help you to pick the right shingles.