If you’re thinking about redecorating and putting together a new living room, a Mississauga waste bin rental can speed the process along. Maybe the furniture you have in that space presently is too old to donate and too heavy to haul to the local dump.

Let us help with the waste bin rental that will fit right in your driveway. These are just the thing to get rid of old sofas, mattresses and couches. All you need to do to get the process started is a free quote. Don’t forget to read these tips to help you put together your new living room too!

Choosing the Right Rugs

We have been serving clients in the GTA for years. The dumpsters that we have for rent are delivered and picked up for you. Essential Disposal Services looks after the logistics so you can concentrate on your new living room.

Over the years, clients have told us picking the right floor coverings can be a challenge. Specifically, area rugs can be a trouble spot. These are important and add a lot to a living space, but you need to know a few rules before you buy one.

Here’s a few tips so you can get the size right. All the furniture in your new living room should sit on top of an area rug. What’s more, there should be up to 2 feet between the edge of the rug and the walls in the room.

Arrange the New Furniture for Conversation

Some of the old furniture that you will be getting rid of is heavy and might need to be taken apart. The best way to get rid of those pieces is call for a Mississauga waste bin rental. These can handle sofas and mattresses as well as couches and desks.

Putting a new set of sofas face-to-face is a great idea to foster conversation. Another suggestion is a coffee table in the middle so beverages are within easy reach.

Here’s another tip you can use to design a new space. Placing your furniture in separate zones will help you to divide your new living room up. A new couch facing in the opposite direction from the dining room defines that space.

When you’re getting rid of old furniture, Essential Disposal Services can schedule a Mississauga waste bin rental delivery.