Essential Disposal Services has a variety of Mississauga dumpster bin choices. This is the perfect solution to get rid of everything from construction waste to old furniture. We want you to avoid some common mistakes people make during the rental process.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog.

Overfilling the Bin

These bins should only be filled to the top of the rim. They need to be tarped so they can be transported safely. There may be some space left after you finish loading your items. However, filling up a bin to the maximum amount usually makes it difficult or unsafe to transport. 

Putting Hazardous Materials in a Mississauga Dumpster Bin 

There are some odds and ends that cannot be placed into a waste container like gasoline or oil. Pesticides, batteries and propane tanks are on the same list. Appliances containing freon such as freezers, refrigerators and air-conditioners cannot be disposed in a dumpster bin. 

If you have any of these items or are unsure about other types of waste material, give us a call. We can arrange for a separate pickup.

Blocking Access to The Bin

Most bins fit easily into a standard size driveway. Plan for a clear space where we can drop off the bin before you order it. Otherwise, pickup and delivery can be challenging. Take a few minutes and map out things around your driveway to avoid like hedges, trees and even fences. Clearing a path makes it easier to drop off your bin and fill it with the items you want removed.

Consider Weight Distribution

Clients should be aware the dumpster will be hauled away by a truck. An uneven load can be dangerous while being transported to a recycling centre. Here’s a helpful tip to avoid this potential issue.

Heavier, bulkier items should be loaded into the bin first. Spread them out across the front of the bin where possible to distribute the weight more evenly.

Picking the Wrong Dumpster Size 

It’s good to want to save a little money when you rent a dumpster. On the other side of the coin, you may not have enough space to get rid of all your junk. Some clients tend to rent smaller bins and run out of space quite quickly. Essential Disposal Services has all the information you need on our website to choose the right Mississauga dumpster bin.