The Mississauga dumpster bin rentals we have in our inventory are great for different kinds of yard waste. People want to keep these spaces looking good. With a big lawn, you might have more grass clippings, garden waste, twigs, brush and grass clippings than you can handle.

Municipalities don’t always offer this type of waste collection and that can make getting rid of your debris difficult. That’s why we offer a variety of disposal bins. Essential Disposal Services offers different sizes ranging from a 6-yard dumpster all the way up to a 40-yard unit.

Here’s a few of the things that you can do with one of these rentals.

Get Rid of Trimmed Tree Branches

People ask us if there is a good time of year to trim the trees in your yard. The answer is it’s always the right time to remove any diseased or damaged branches. There are several good reasons to keep your trees pruned.

First off, you’ll want to get rid of any branches that rub together or ailing limbs. Trimming to open a canopy up so light can get in makes for a healthy tree.

Ordering the right sized bin for the branches and limbs you cut is easy. We recommend that you pick one that will fit all your material without overflowing. There’s a size chart on our website that will help.

Dispose of Weeds

Weeds are a nuisance. Homeowners need to remember these are plants just like grass and shrubs. That means the best way to get rid of them is to ruin the environment where they can thrive. Experts recommend that you only remove one third of your grass, one mowing at a time. That deprives weeds of the climate they need to thrive.

If you’re planning on pulling weeds out by hand, don’t forget to use gardening gloves. Your local gardening store has tools that will make the job easier.

Mississauga dumpster bin rentals include several weeks of rental time. If you need more, we can accommodate when you place your order or after the bin has been delivered.

Lose Those Leaves

Your yard might be big enough that you’ve got too many fallen leaves to rake up and put in bags. The same could be true if you’re a business owner. Getting rid of a variety of different types of yard waste is easy with our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals. Of course that includes this type of waste as well.