There’s always space in one of our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals for your old appliances. We are always available with just the right size unit to take away an old refrigerator or stove. You can order a big bin and have it put in your driveway for a renovation too. Getting an estimate is as easy as clicking on the tab on our website.

Essential Disposal has been working with people all across the GTA for years. We’ve been helping our clients get rid of old appliances in an affordable and environmentally friendly way that’s affordable.


We want our website to be informational and to give you all the options you need. It’s important to us that you get some good data and not just excellent Mississauga dumpster bin rentals. That’s why we’ve included a blog on some maintenance tips to help you get the most from those old appliances.

Just remember to get in touch with us when it comes time to throw them out!

Start with The Basics

Start by looking for simple issues. That means if you’ve got a dryer that isn’t working going to the power source first. Make sure your dishwasher is plugged in and turned on before you look for something more serious.

There is no need to dive headfirst into the repair before you’ve checked simple things like filters. Sometimes a clogged filter can get overheated. Cleaning it is all you need to do to get the machine back up and running.

Dumpster Bin Rentals

It’s the same way when you choose one of our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals. We’ve laid everything out in a simple manner so it’s quick and easy to get started. Remember, we have affiliations with the Better Business Bureau and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Maintenance Matters

Of course, there comes a time when you need to change out your old appliances. However, keeping the ones you have in decent condition helps them to last longer. Here’s a few small maintenance matters that can make a big difference.

  • Cleaning your range vent and hood on a regular basis is easy with soapy water. Keep in mind that some of the filters if they are made of paper or charcoal will need to be replaced.
  • Paying attention to little details matter. There’s a gasket on your oven door that should be checked regularly. If it’s damaged, your oven won’t work properly and you’ll need to replace it sooner than later.
  • You’ll need to look after your dryer vent exhaust every once in a while. This isn’t just a maintenance tip to keep your dryer working longer either. It’s a safety issue. If too much lint gathers up over time, you could have a fire hazard on your hands.
  • While you’re in the basement looking after that vent, take a good look at the washing machine hoses. These don’t last forever and you’ll need to replace them if they look cracked or worn.

Even with these tips, the time will come when you need to replace your old appliances. We can help you make getting rid of an old refrigerator or stove easy and affordable.  The Mississauga dumpster bin rentals we have in our inventory come in a variety of different sizes.

Not only are the bins we supply excellent for this purpose, you can use them for renovating and building materials. We’ve found getting rid of old appliances goes hand-in-hand with a kitchen or basement remodel.

As Long as Possible

Finally, here’s another tip you can use to help your appliances last for as long as possible. It’s tempting to get the most from your dishwasher and dryer by overloading. However, putting an extra strain on any appliance can shorten its lifespan.

Even putting too much food in your refrigerator can be an issue. If that appliance gets overloaded, you won’t get proper airflow. That will make your refrigerator work twice as hard.


While we’re on the subject, it pays to take a look at your refrigerator coils on a regular basis. Clean the dust and dirt off them and that appliance will last longer and work more efficiently.

When you need a rental bin, we can look after everything for you. If you’re interested in an estimate you can get a quote on our website and click for a pickup from the same location.


Wondering about the different sizes and rates that we offer? We’ve made everything clear and transparent on our website. Remember, Essential Disposal Services offers same-day service to most areas in the GTA.

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