A disposal bin rental in Brampton is great for a number of projects. Get a free quote from us for removing debris from any construction or renovation job. We offer several different sized bins for shingle removal and getting rid of old furniture.

You can even haul away old asphalt when you’re replacing your driveway. That’s an investment that increases your curb appeal and enjoyment of your property at the same time. Here’s a few things that you can do to maintain a newly paved driveway.

Shoveling in the winter will keep your new driveway in good shape for as long as possible. If you use salt to get rid of ice, you’ll need to keep clearing it off the reconditioned surface. Never wait for the snow to melt and run off on its own either.

A Cold Spell 

The chances are a cold spell is coming right behind the warm one. That means the water could freeze and expand causing cracks that will only swell over time.

A disposal bin rental Brampton is the right call if you’re looking to get rid of debris from maintenance and construction projects. We can handle asphalt and concrete as well as bricks. Renting a disposal bin from us means you won’t need to make trips to landfill.

Hot Conditions 

Be careful with what you leave on new asphalt in hot conditions. If you leave your BBQ out on your new driveway, it can leave impressions during the summer months. As far as resealing goes, this should be done once every three years if you live in an area that has extremes of temperature.

Sweep the driveway off after you mow your lawn. Any grass clippings have seeds in them that can find their way into any crack in a brand-new driveway. When they start to grow, they can make a hairline crack sprout blades of grass.

Single Car

Most of the dumpsters we have in our inventory will fit into a single car space. The only exception is the 40 yard bin which might be a little longer. There’s a size chart on our website so you can check your dimensions before you order.

If the disposal bin rental in Brampton won’t fit in your driveway, we might be able to leave it on the street. You need to check with your local municipality to make sure you don’t need a permit.