The disposal bin rental in Brampton options we have are both convenient and safe. There are different sizes available for construction and waste demolition debris. From repair, demolition and remodelling work to construction of utilities, roads and structures, these bins are efficient at tackling waste.

Essential Disposal Services has a variety of different bin sizes for you to choose from. Here are some winter workplace safety tips to consider when the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fly.

Watch Those Change of Season Hazards

You might be working on a site that is transitioning from fall to winter. Maybe there are fallen leaves lying around your work area that haven’t been raked up. You’ll need to watch out for this slippery hazard. Scheduling regular cleanups is a great way to avoid a slip and fall accident.

Warm Up First 

Shovelling your work area before you start is a good idea. It’s even better if you do a few stretching exercises ahead of time. Warming up your muscles can prevent injuries. Try something as simple as walking in place for a few minutes before grabbing a shovel.

A disposal bin rental in Brampton can show up at your worksite with just a little planning. If you order from us before 9 a.m., we may be able to deliver one on the same day. Otherwise, delivery usually takes a day or two. 

Watch Out for Cold Stress 

When your body can’t keep warm because the temperature has dipped too low, you can wind up with cold stress. Outdoor workers are at greater risk for this condition and it can actually lead to hypothermia and permanent tissue damage.

The solution is winter PPE. Here’s a few tips to cover up properly.

  • Layering your clothing is important if you plan to be working outside. The first stage is what’s called a working layer that’s designed to pull moisture away from your skin. After that, you can pile on more durable fabrics to keep you warm.
  • As far as your winter boots go, your toes need to be able to wiggle freely. Too tight a fit will cut off circulation.

Here’s a few other good ideas to go along with one of our disposal bin rental in Brampton choices. Taking in calories steadily over the course of your work day is the best option. Forget about two heavy meals and try eating snacks at different times during the day.